ND Bestselling Author to Release Book About Dog Rescue


From the moment C.J. English met Keith Benning, then a deputy in Rolette County, ND, she was determined to help save the invisible dogs he was fighting for. Four years and four thousand dogs later, a small team of individuals did what everyone said couldn’t be done. 

Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue has changed the world for thousands of dogs and tens of thousands more. The team’s efforts proved that it didn’t take a law or government to change the world, all it took was a few people trying to make a difference to spark a revolution.

Their plight is documented by Amazon kindle bestselling author and North Dakota native C.J. English in RESCUE MATTERS, available December 16th everywhere books are sold. From early reviews and record sales the book has already topped the charts in two genres taking the #1 spot in animal rights well before it's official release. 

C.J. is donating 50% of the profits from the sale of the book directly back to Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue. C.J. shares her personal experience inside the emotional and bittersweet world of dog rescue, delivering a heart-wrenching and deeply moving story that has much to teach us about responsibility and compassion. 

TURTLE MOUNTAIN ANIMAL RESCUE is a 501c3 non-profit that has been operating since 2013 out of one garage. The group, which consists of Keith Benning as the shelter manager and a dozen volunteers have made media headlines across the world for their heroic efforts in North Dakota and across the nation rescuing animals in the aftermath of natural disasters. 

The team hopes to break ground on a much needed shelter in 2019, where they will be able to offer job opportunities, low cost spay clinics, vaccination clinics and other animal care services. Their goal is to be the go-to resource for the communities they serve. The group is also expanding their disaster response team which has assisted with the rescue of hundreds of animals from dogs to alpacas across three major hurricanes in the last two years. 

Good Morning America and the popular online video producer The DoDo, recently picked up one of their heroic rescue stories which has now circulated millions of times all over the world.