West Fargo Patrol Officer Sylvie Schweyen 

This is Officer Schweyen’s first year on the night shift.  Officer Schweyen has set realistic goals for each quarter, and she has been meeting the goals she sets for herself the whole year.  Officer Schweyen’s numbers have been increasing each quarter.  In the third quarter she lead the entire night shift in calls for service, case reports, and citations.  She also had the second highest number of arrests, finishing one arrest behind the leader.  I think Officer Schweyen’s greatest asset is her desire and drive to learn as much as she can about the job.  Officer Schweyen is always busy and willing to do anything for the department.

In addition to her work on patrol, Officer Schweyen is also a member of the CART team and Social Media Team.  Officer Schweyen is willing to put in extra time to continue learning, and has attended every department shoot in 2018. 

Officer Schweyen is doing a great job on patrol, is active in the department, has a great work ethic, and always has a positive attitude.  I believe Officer Schweyen deserves to be the Employee of the Quarter, and be recognized by the FLAG.