Burgum Announces $2.3M in Community Development Funds to Support Main Street Projects, Public Facilities and Services

 Governor Doug Burgum

Gov. Doug Burgum, in partnership with the North Dakota Department of Commerce, announced Tuesday, December 18, the funding for 15 projects totaling $2,331,000 aimed at Main Street development, public facilities and services. The program is funded by federal Community Development Block Grant dollars focusing on long-term community development within cities’ Main Street areas.

“These funds will help communities with strategic projects that will strengthen our state’s economy and help create healthy, vibrant communities that can attract and retain a 21st century workforce,” Burgum said. “This is a key step in our development of building livable communities, addressing unmet community development needs and enhancing local economic development efforts.”

Burgum has led the state’s efforts to provide community leaders a direct access point to resources needed to create vibrant communities poised to attract and retain a 21st century workforce.