Midwest AgEnergy Surpasses One Billion Gallons Produced


Midwest AgEnergy, the parent company to ethanol biorefineries, Blue Flint, near Underwood, ND and Dakota Spirit, near Spiritwood, ND recently surpassed production of more than one billion gallons of ethanol produced company-wide.

“Congratulations and thank you to our employees at Midwest AgEnergy. We are proud of the commitment and engagement that our employees exhibit every day. Those efforts enabled us to achieve this historic milestone for Midwest AgEnergy” said Jeff Zueger CEO of Midwest AgEnergy.

To put the ethanol production into prospective, the biorefineries consumed approximately 357 million bushels of North Dakota corn. That corn delivery would have required a convoy of trucks approximately 4,060 miles long or about one-sixth of the way around the Earth.

“At Midwest AgEnergy, we’re committed to providing a stable market for home-grown North Dakota corn, while creating a valuable fuel for consumers,” said Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Phil Coffin. “For example, blended into gasoline at a 10% rate, our ethanol production would have fueled 21 million automobiles for a year.”

Both refineries are co-located next to Great River Energy’s electric power generation facilities and utilize low grade power generation steam for producing ethanol. The biorefineries have produced enough ethanol to fill a one-mile by one-mile swimming pool to a depth of 4.8 feet.