Students Showcase Career-Related Products at CTE Open House


No true-false questions to get correct for a passing classroom grade. These students are graded upon 3-D products they have created instead.

Grades 9–12 students enrolled in Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses at Davies High School will hold an open house for their peers, parents, and the public on Friday, December 21 to showcase the home being constructed by some of the students, along with products created by students as coursework for technical education curriculum. Guests may enjoy holiday cookies and hot chocolate while they tour the home and the classroom displays. The Davies Jazz Band will be playing holiday music in the shop area throughout the afternoon as well.

Davies students enrolled in Construction Techniques II began construction in September on a 1,800 square foot single-family home located on the south side of the school building. The student-built house has been purchased by a private party, and, once completed in spring 2019, the home will be relocated by the purchaser. A waiting list for purchasing future student-built homes has been created. 

As part of the open house, students enrolled in other technical education courses will showcase products created as part of curriculum assignments, such as engineering, photography, woodworking, and construction.

Career and Technical Education is an essential component of the educational system, preparing learners for life, careers, and college. Students develop 21st Century Skills as they communicate and collaborate on activities and utilize creativity and critical-thinking to design projects and solve problems. Teachers work directly with business and industry partners to bridge high school curriculums with relevant working world skills.