No Travel Advisory Issued


The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) along with the North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) have issued a No Travel Advisory for eastern North Dakota due to icy road conditions and reduced visibility. Cities included in the No Travel Advisory are Jamestown, Valley City, Wahpeton, Fargo, Grand Forks and surrounding areas. No Travel Advisory means conditions are such that motorists should not travel in these areas. Motorists should be advised that they may encounter heavy snow drifts at structures and sheltered areas and some roadways may be reduced to one lane due to heavy winds.

Travel Alert remains in effect for portions of North Dakota including Bismarck and Devils Lake due to reduced visibility and snow fog creating “whiteout” conditions when meeting and passing vehicles. A Travel Alert means conditions are such that motorists can still travel, but should be advised of rapidly changing conditions. Motorists are urged to use caution as this winter weather event intensifies across the state potentially causing road conditions to deteriorate throughout the night.