Bonanzaville Hit By Vandals


The Cass County Historical Society’s Bonanzaville, located in West Fargo, has been hit by vandals.

A post Monday on Bonanzaville’s Facebook page says the vandalism happened sometime the evening of December 31.

Vandals broke onto Bonanzaville property and turned on both outdoor water spigots near the South Pleasant Church. By the time staff noticed, more than 200,000 gallons of water had flooded the property.

Bonanzaville is having to pay the water bill due to the vandals and, in addition, the water poses a significant threat to the foundation of four buildings on the grounds.

Officials with Bonanzaville also say there is evidence that access was attempted to other buildings on the property—those were unsuccessful.

A GoFundMe account created Monday for the cleanup effort had already reached one-thousand-868 of its two-thousand-500 dollar goal as of late Monday night.

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