Representative Ben Lien Takes Minnesota House Oath of Office for Fourth Time


Members of the Minnesota Legislature were sworn-in to office today for the 2019-2020 session. Among them was Rep. Ben Lien (DFL – Moorhead) who took the oath of office to begin his fourth term serving District 4A in the House of Representatives.

"I look forward to working hard over the next two years for my district,” Rep. Lien said. “We have challenges to address right away including a tax bill and health care. I'm confident that with a divided Legislature we can work together to achieve lasting results for all Minnesotans."

This session, Rep. Lien has four House committee assignments. In addition to serving as vice chair of the Greater Minnesota Jobs and Economic Development Finance Division, he will serve on the Higher Education Finance and Policy Division, Subcommittee on Local Government, and Taxes Committee.