Sen. Cramer Statement on China Approving Imports for Five Genetically Modified Crop Varieties


U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer issued the following statement on China approving five genetically crop varieties for import:

“China accepting these imports is a positive development for our agricultural community, especially North Dakota, where all crops affected by this decision are grown. For decades, China has weaponized their slow and unpredictable approval process as a way to bar continued biotech innovation in U.S. agriculture. Two of the newly-approved products alone had been waiting on approval for six years. I’m encouraged by the progress being made in Beijing, and I hope it continues.”

The five products approved are DP4114 Qrome corn, DAS-44406-6 soybean, SYHT0H2 soybean, RF3 canola, and glyphosate-tolerant MON 88302 canola.