January 2019 Salute to Law Enforcement: Trooper Timothy Peterson

 Trooper Timothy Peterson, North Dakota Highway Patrol

I am pleased to nominate Trooper Timothy Peterson for the January Salute to Law Enforcement Program.  Trooper Peterson is a Motor Carrier Trooper stationed in Gwinner, ND.  Tim has been employed with the ND Highway Patrol for 8 ½ years, having been stationed in Gwinner throughout his career.  Trooper Peterson is a graduate of NDSU with a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and is also an active member of the ND Army National Guard.  Tim was born in North Dakota and through his employment with the NDHP and his active status with the NDARNG, he is committed to making North Dakota a safe and secure state.  His current duties require him to impact traffic safety through the enforcement of traffic laws, but more regularly with the enforcement of size and weight violations.  This type of enforcement work protects the critical infrastructure of our road network in North Dakota.  In addition, Tim conducts safety inspections of the commercial motor vehicles that drive on our roadways, ensuring the commercial motor vehicle industry remains a safe component of the distribution of commodities across North Dakota and nationwide.  Trooper Peterson is an asset for our agency and the citizens we serve.  He regularly conducts training for local farmers and the commercial motor vehicle industry.  Trooper Peterson provides a quality service to the citizens he serves and is very deserving of being recognized today.      

-Captain Bryan Niewind