Roads Begin To Deteriorate


The North Dakota Highway Patrol says that roads in the valley are beginning to deteriorate, now that night has fallen and the snow continues.

Sergeant Matthew Denault, stationed in the southeast region in Fargo, tells WZFG News that, “the roads are getting tough.”

Denault says that, as of 7:30 p.m., two crashes occurred in the region, but that the Patrol is unsure whether or not the crashes were related to the weather.

I-94 from the Montana border to Dickinson was closed shortly after 7 p.m., Denault says.

In the northeast region, Sergeant Adam Dvorak tells WZFG News that visibility, in places, is as low as 500 to 1,000 feet.

Dvorak says US Highway 2 is developing pillow drifts on half of the roadway, with the depth measuring anywhere from four to six inches.

One crash in Grand Forks County, covered by the Sheriff’s Office, was a rollover resulting in no injuries and minor damage to the vehicle, Dvorak said. It happened on Highway 15 west of Thompson.

Dvorak says the conditions in town are worse than outside of city limits.