Jack Winders, Audio Engineer at Abovo, prepares a thirty-second Spotify advertisement for export.

(Press Release Provided by Abovo)

Fargo based marketing and design firm, Abovo, announces a new service and platform they are able to provide: Internet radio ad buying. As a recognized Spotify ad buyer and with an audio studio located in their downtown Fargo office, Abovo is capable of all aspects of the internet radio ad buying process from audio production to ad placement.

As music streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora continue to grab a larger portion of the traditional radio listener base, marketers like Abovo are paying close attention to the opportunities these platforms offer to reach consumers who have moved away from traditional radio.

“The way people consume music and audio has changed dramatically in recent years with the introduction of streaming and online radio,” says Jack Winders, a Marketing Coordinator and Audio Engineer at Abovo. “In order to reach entire audiences and demographics, businesses need to consider strategies like these on top of their traditional radio ad buys.”

One of the largest differences between ads placed on platforms like Spotify as opposed to traditional radio is the ability to objectively deliver ads to a particular demographic based on age, gender, type of music they listen to and more. For the brands and companies buying these ads, the most enticing part is having the ability to then analyze and see exactly which of their targets heard and/or responded to the ads.

“With internet radio platforms like Spotify and Pandora, ads are only delivered when the user has the device on and playing,” says Winders. “At the end of an ad buy cycle, we are able to see exactly how many people heard the ad, how many times they may have clicked and which demographics may have been reached. These are analytics and data that traditional radio has no way of offering.”

“We’ve worked with organizations ranging from nonprofits to real estate to retail,” says Winders. “The ability to make these audio pieces unique to their brand and easily get them in front of their audience has shown us this is something companies and organizations are looking for.”

(Press Release Provided by Abovo)