Audio: How to Register Vulnerable Adults in Clay and Wilkin Counties for Emergency Responses


Josh Ebert, Clay County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator joins the Need to Know Morning Show to explain and educate folks on the public health vulnerable adult registry for Clay and Wilkin county residents. 

The at-risk population registry is only used during emergencies by Emergency Management personnel.
Local public health departments are encouraging county residents with access, functional, and special
needs to register themselves in what we call the Emergency Assistance Request database.

This database will significantly support planning and response efforts during emergency situations, which will help
response personnel better prioritize resources and services to at-risk and vulnerable populations.

County residents can find the registration database weblink at their respective county webpage or can
call their local public health departments to register.


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Wilkin County Link -

Original Air Date: 
Monday, March 25, 2019