Charges Filed Following Weekend Crash, Death


Charges have now been filed against the driver of a vehicle involved in a weekend crash in Fargo, which ended in the death of one child and serious injuries to another.

According to court documents, Christopher Lee Devine was northbound on South University Drive Saturday evening, with three passengers. The vehicle appeared to have lost control, slide sideways across the lanes of travel into the southbound lanes, before being struck on the rear passenger side. All four in Devine’s vehicle suffered injuries and were transported to local hospitals.

Devine’s passenger in the front seat, Jacob Larson, stated he and Devine had been consuming alcohol prior to the crash. On Monday, detectives met with Devine, where he stated he had consumed five to six shots of Jim Beam whiskey prior to driving. He had no recollection of the crash. His blood alcohol level was 0.267 shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Devine’s vehicle was traveling 74 miles per hour four seconds prior to the crash, and 59 miles per hour one second prior to the crash, according to data from the vehicles.

Devine has been charged with one count of Class A Felony Criminal Vehicular Homicide, two counts of Class C Felony Criminal Vehicular Injury. If found guilty on all charges, Devine faces a minimum mandatory sentence of 14 years in prison.