Chicago Man Faces Controlled Substance Charge in Walsh County


A Chicago, Ill., man is facing a Class C Felony charge of acquiring a controlled substance by deception, fraud or forgery.

According to court documents, on March 27, police received a call from Grafton Drug. An individual had phoned in a prescription to be filled for Promethazine with Codeine and Amoxicillin. After the call ended, Grafton Drug contacted Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls, where the phoned prescription originated from.

Dr. Devin Bissoon informed Grafton Drug that the prescription was fraudulent. The name given for the prescription was Charles Hall. Grafton Drug was informed to call if someone tried to collect the prescription.

At 3:49 p.m. on March 29, Grafton Drug called police and stated a man, who identified himself as Charles Hall, showed up to collect the prescription. The man, who was later identified as David James, stated he was the one who identified himself as Charles Hall and attempted to collect the prescription.

James was arrested and has been charged in Walsh County District Court