32nd Avenue W and Sheyenne Street Driving Lane Reductions Begin April 22


Beginning next week, the City of West Fargo Sheyenne Street reconstruction projects between Beaton Drive and 40th Avenue W. will encounter side street access changes at 24th Avenue W and 38th Avenues W. and reduced driving lanes through the 32nd Avenue W. intersection.

After 9 a.m. Monday, April 22, motorists should plan for the following access changes in Segment 2 and Segment 3 project limits:

Sheyenne Street Segment 2 –Beaton Drive to 32nd Avenue W.

  • REDUCED LANES: 32nd Avenue W. intersection traffic will shift to the northside with one lane in each direction. Crews will begin the remaining underground and installation of permanent traffic signals in the southeast and southwest quadrants. Local access will continue to use 32nd Avenue W. and Sheyenne Street intersection to travel south to side streets.
  • INTERSECTION CLOSED: 24th Avenue W. and Sheyenne Street intersection will close to access Sheyenne Street. Traffic will shift to the east side of the roadway between the Sheyenne Diversion channel bridge to 26th Avenue W. intersection.

Sheyenne Street Segment 3 – 32nd Avenue W. to 40th Avenue W.

  • INTERSECTION CLOSURE: 38th Avenue W. will close to thru traffic using Sheyenne Street to cross over to the west side of the roadway. Local traffic will continue to use the frontage road and continue to 37th Avenue E to enter the stretch of Sheyenne Street open to local access from south of 32nd Avenue W. intersection. This closure will allow crews to begin roadway removals and installs within the intersection of 38th Avenue W. and Sheyenne Street.
  • INTERSECTION OPEN: 40th Avenue W. and Sheyenne Street intersection remains open to east and west traffic with one lane in each direction. A final determination has not been made on whether this intersection will remain open for east and west traffic during the reconstruction.

Traffic detours or best routes based on your destination include:

  • 40th Avenue W. west to Ninth St W., north to 32nd Avenue W. and east to Sheyenne Street
  • 52nd Avenue W. west to Ninth Street W., north to 40th Avenue W. or 32nd Avenue W. to east to Sheyenne Street
  • 40th Avenue W. east to Veterans Boulevard, north to 32nd Avenue W. and west to Sheyenne Street
  • Southbound Sheyenne Street, east 52nd Avenue W. to north Veterans Boulevard

From 9 to 9:30 a.m. Thursday, April 18, area residents and businesses are encouraged to attend the biweekly Southwest Metro Work Zones public information meeting at the West Fargo Sports Arena (520 32nd Avenue W). Along with attendees receiving Sheyenne Street Segment 2 and 3 updates, project representatives will be present from the several adjacent work zones that may impact alternative routes. Other southwest metro work zones include:     

  • City of West Fargo’s Sheyenne Street Segment 1 (13th Avenue W. to Beaton Drive)
    • Intermittent traffic impacts for signal installation and final landscaping
  • NDDOT’s Sheyenne Street Interchange Two-Year Project (I-94 Eastbound Bridge and Sheyenne Street)
    • Week of April 22: Interstate 94 is slated to shift to head-to-head traffic over Sheyenne Street on the westbound bridge until October. Ramp access to all direction of travel will remain open.
  • City of Fargo’s 52nd Avenue S. construction (45th Street S. to 63rd Street S.)
    • Current work zone: 52nd Avenue closed west of 45th Street S. to east of Veterans Boulevard
  • Cass County 17/76th Avenue roundabout project – work begins in May

Motorists in this area should plan for delays and congestion during the morning and evening commutes and adjust their travel plans accordingly. Traffic signals in the area will also be monitored and adjusted during the first two weeks of the closure as traffic patterns adjust to the closure. Drivers in the area are encouraged to consider avoiding traveling during peak hours, and plan for alternate routes.

The two-year Sheyenne Street corridor reconstruction segments are designed to help ease congestion with additional driving lanes and safety concerns in West Fargo. Segment three runs from south of 32nd Avenue W. to past 40th Avenue W. and will result in a new 4-lane concrete roadway with curb and gutter, sidewalks, multiuse path, storm sewer, sanitary sewer force main relocation, sewer and water extensions, traffic signals, street lighting and other miscellaneous installations. The City of West Fargo is overseeing the project work between 13th Avenue W. to 40th Avenue W. The North Dakota Department of Transportation Fargo District is overseeing the interchange.