North Dakota Woman Steals Thousands From Cavalier Shopko


A Zap, N.D., woman was arrested Monday at the Shopko Department Store in Cavalier in connection to a large amount of theft from the store.

An employee said 58-year-old Diane Kasanke was not scanning everything in her shopping cart, but that she did not stop her from doing it. The employee thought the merchandise was worth $500 in value, and she only paid approximately $70 for it.

An investigator then met with Kasanke, who admitted to intentionally declining to scan all of the items. Kasanke told the officer that the merchandise was in her vehicle and also in her hotel room at the Cedar Inn in Cavalier. Kasanke intended to give the merchandise to her daughter and granddaughter. The thefts occurred on April 24 and May 6.

Shopko staff inventoried the merchandise, and calculate the total to approximately be $3,000 in stolen merchandise.

Kasanke is being charged with a Class C Felony for theft of property greater than $1,000. She is being held in the Pembina County Jail on a $5,000 bond.