(Fargo, ND) -- Tommy Fisher, President/CEO of Fisher Industries, tells WZFG News that his company is constructing a section of border fencing at an undisclosed location in the Southwest United States.  The project is being done privately, without involvement from the Army Corps of Engineers, which is responsible for contracting with vendors on federal projects.  

Fisher says his company has offered to build 218 miles of border fencing for $3.3 billion dollars in 13 months, one day after a Bloomberg News report that one current federal project has produced 1.7 miles of border fencing for $1.56 billion over 18 months.

"I can't talk publicly about it yet, but we've gone a half mile in 2 days in the mountains," said Fisher on the Need To Know Morning Show.  "The Corps said it couldn't be done, but now the border patrol has seen it.  They've been out each day and the proof's in the pudding and after that it's going to open up a whole new narrative about how border security should be handled, who should construct it, and the border agents will finally get what they deserve. and we'll prove it in a half mile stretch where they said it couldn't be done"

Fisher says he has not met with President Trump, but has gotten on the list of approved contractors for Corps projects.  The problem, he says, is that these bids are not awarded through a typical contracting process.  "With the Corps, they are using emergency terminology that they can make up a different procurement process, and if you answer a question right then you get to negotiate prices and features.  But this will all come to light in a week."

"The president is the commander in chief, he has to fix it.  I know he's got a tough job.  The bureau is terrible, they've handed out millions of dollars, but in North Dakota we say put up or shut up and we're putting up.  And he has the right to fix it."

Fisher says his company is not waiting for the federal government, however.  He tells WZFG News "You're going to see the private sector raise a ton of money and do it the right way.  Some groups have raised money privately and done their due diligence and we'll take it form there.  We can do land acquisition, the engineering, the buildout.  So once it's successful we can move on to an undisclosed location in California, then move into the Rio Grande Valley or Texas and deal with private landowners the way you should, with a handshake and build it the way you say you're gonna do it.  

He believes that once President Trump sees that Fisher has done some projects privately that he will direct the Corps to contract with Fisher Industries.  "We're building 5 times what the current government is building  right now. I don't think the President is going to stand for second fiddle, and the world is going to see that pretty quick."

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