Rural Walsh County Man Charged With Terrorizing


A rural Walsh County man has been charged with terrorizing following calls to a location in rural Park River.

According to court documents, 64-year-old Conrad Rostvet has been charged with a Class C Felony count of terrorizing for a pair of incidents that occurred on June 1 and 2.

On June 1, deputies were called to a rural Park River home for a civil matter. The matter was regarding cement poles Rostvet had drilled into the middle of the roadway. Deputies spoke with Rostvet, who stated that he would ‘one day drive my backhoe right into their house.’ He also said, in the same conversation, that ‘I pray every night that I would just get cancer so I could just boom, boom, boom. I’d shoot every one of them.’

Then, on June 2, deputies were again advised that the matter had escalated. Rostvet drilled several more concrete poles, placed a culvert and haybales on the road. When deputies spoke to the reporting party, she stated she felt in fear for her life.

Contact was again made with Rostvet, who said ‘It’s no wonder why people shoot you people.’ When asked why he wanted to shoot the deputies, he replied, ‘because you keep on and keep on.’ Rostvet stated said he ‘can’t take the stress of you bugging me all the time.’ He also stated that he would ‘do you all in before I ever do myself in.’

Rostvet was arrested for intending to place another human being in fear for that person’s safety, according to the arrest affidavit. He also threatened to commit a crime of violence or act dangerous to human life.

In court on Monday, Rostvet’s bond was set at $15,000 cash only, and only on the condition that a psychological evaluation is completed before he is released from custody. Rostvet is in the Walsh County Jail in Grafton.