On June 6th, 2019 the Cass County Sheriff’s Office took a report of a fireworks theft in Frontier, North Dakota.  During the initial investigation, it was learned an undisclosed amount of inventory was stolen from a semi-trailer used as a storage unit outside of the business.  Last summer, the sheriff’s office investigated a very similar theft in rural Cass County that resulted in over $40,000 of inventory stolen from a different fireworks vendor.  In both cases, forced entry was used to gain access to the trailers by cutting off locks.  At this time, only outdoor storage units have been targeted.  The Cass County Sheriff’s Office urges all fireworks vendors to take extra precautions this season and requests that if suspicious activity is observed at any fireworks location, please notify our office.  Cass County deputies will be reaching out to all rural fireworks vendors informing them of this situation.  This investigation remains active at this time.

Article provided by Cass County Sheriffs Department.