A rural Grafton woman is thankful that an early Saturday morning storm didn’t do more damage, although the experience has left her family shaken.

Angel Schrank, of rural Grafton, says the storm happened at about midnight Saturday morning. She tells WZFG News that the storm roared through their quiet yard near Grafton.

Schrank, and her husband, Shane, and their children retreated to the basement. Shane had to grab the back door to the family’s home, as it blew open. Schrank says the front yard on their property had no damage, but there was plenty in other spots.

According to Schrank, the roaring of the storm lasted approximately three to four minutes. A wooden playset in the yard now sits in a pile of rubble, looking as if it was part of an explosion.

She believes that a tornado rolled through, as the storm left a path. Those assumptions have not been confirmed as of early Sunday morning.

Greg Gust, warning coordinator for the National Weather Service in Grand Forks, explained to WZFG News that it appears there were one or more “microburst” or “downburst” wind events.