Grand Forks City Council Passes Indigenous Persons Resolution


The Grand Forks City Council unanimously approved a resolution that will change Columbus Day to Indigenous Persons Day.

The resolution, brought forward by Grand Forks City Council member Katie Dachtler, was brought to the council via a unanimous vote of the City’s Committee of the Whole.

Dachtler says, in an email to WZFG News, ‘This resolution was not brought by outside forces but rather community members that we see every day in our work places, in our schools, people we have sand volleyball matches with, and people who attend the same places of worship.’

The resolution still mentions Christopher Columbus, but encourages the community of Grand Forks to explore his mistreatment of the indigenous population.

Dachtler says the resolution was crafted and was r ought forth in collaboration with our Indigenous community and it is them that should receive recognition for the time and efforts they dedicated to writing and supporting this to the end.