How does the Navy contribute to world peace and security? What new technologies is the Navy currently developing? These questions and many more will be answered when our community hosts Navy Week Fargo, a Navy signature outreach program.

        Scheduled for the week of July 23-27, 2018 to lead up to the Fargo AirSho, Navy Week Fargo provides residents an opportunity to learn about the Navy, its people and its importance to national security and prosperity. Navy Week focuses a variety of outreach assets, equipment and personnel in a community for a weeklong series of engagements with key influencers and organizations. During a typical Navy Week, outreach events are coordinated with corporate, civic, government, education, media, veterans, community service and diversity organizations within the host community.

Fargo Public Library events are free and open to the public; adults must accompany children ages 9 and younger. For more information regarding the library and a list of other upcoming events, visit