8-3-19 Energy Matters Hour 1


Host: Scott Hennen live in Fargo, ND and Todd Mitchell live in Bismarck 

Energy Matters is heard:

Tuesday 3:00 to 5:00 PM CST - AM 550 KFYR & AM 1460 KLTC

Saturday’s 11:00a to 1:00p - AM 1090 KTGO The Flag

Saturday’s Noon to 2p - AM 1100 WZFG The Flag 


HOUR 1 from this Weeks Show Includes :


   Dennis Blank, Editor of Oil Patch Hotline 


    Dan Byers,  Vice President , Global Energy Institute , U.S. Chamber of Commerce Discussing current federal energy policy and its impact on businesses and homeowners 


    Jeff Kummer, Mineral Tracker  

  • Nearing one year anniversary of MineralTracker going live on September 1, 2018.

  • Approaching 250 users of MineralTracker.

  • We have added 3 people to our business over the past 6 months and proven MineralTracker is changing how mineral owners are managing their asset. 

  • Our request for professional services has continued to grow with mineral appraisals, payment and ownership audits, and helping people sell their minerals.  

  • We are making a significant investment in advertising this Fall to broaden our exposure with the goal of everyone with minerals in North Dakota knowing how MineralTracker can help them take control of their minerals. 


     Reynold Miller, Lead instructor in the Energy Services & Renewable Technician program at BSC  

-Wind technicians are one of the fastest growing careers in the country

-The ESRE program at BSC can prepare you for these careers in two years or less

-The 2nd year of the program can be completed online, giving students flexibility in scheduling

-This program is very  hands on and is a good fit for students who enjoy hands on work

-Graduates from this program can be employed in other energy services careers, including oil & gas

-On campus classes begin August 27

-Schedule a tour to learn more about this program or apply online at bismarckstate.edu/energy

Original Air Date: 
Thursday, August 1, 2019