Senator Kevin Cramer says he is 'at the boiling point' with the Army Corps of Engineers, following his request to put a hold on the confirmation vote of a procurement officer with the Office of Management and Budget.

Cramer tells WZFG's Scott Hennen that Cramer wanted the hold until he got '100 percent of the information requested' from the Army Corps of Engineers, which was promised by The White House. The promise was to have the Army Corps of Engineers send Cramer a confirmation, in writing, that he will have the information previously mentioned.

That's where things turned. After Cramer released his hold, he received an e-mail from the Army Corps of Engineers reneging on the promise.

Cramer says the Army Corps of Engineers is 'hiding behind secrecy' with regards to the proposals, saying somehow the proposals and bids are not proprietary, meaning Cramer cannot see them.

Cramer calls the Army Corps of Engineers 'their own government.' He even goes so far as to wondering if the Corps is corrupt -- because they hide behind words like proprietary and secret -- and are not able to provide Cramer with the statute saying they have the authority to not release the information to the Senator.

Cramer also says he is "not sure they (Corps of Engineers) even want to build the wall."