Main Avenue Construction Continues


Soon contractors for the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) and City of Fargo will shift the pedestrian detour route and reopen the first phase of reconstruction to local traffic in the Main Avenue makeover project in downtown Fargo.

By Monday, pedestrians will encounter a new detour route that will be in carried in the center of the roadway. The protected barricade path will run between:

• East – West: Broadway and 4th Street South intersections 

• North – South: Broadway Alley and Broadway railroad crossing 

The pedestrian shift will allow crews to begin the removals of the southside sidewalk work between the east side of Broadway and west side of 4th Street South intersections. The south side sidewalks to the west of Broadway will not be removed this year and access will remain as is through this block.

Also, by Monday, east of 4th Street South intersection, crews will restore local access and most driveway entrances from Main Avenue. When traffic control is removed, motorists will encounter:

• A stop-sign will be used on the eastside of the intersection. Traffic signals will be operational at 4th Street South and Main Avenue intersection in the coming weeks.

• Both sidewalks between 2nd Street to 4th Street South will open 

• On-street parking will be available on south side of Main Avenue 

Main Avenue will not be open to through traffic. The roadway section will function as dead-end. Motorists will need to continue to use the posted detour route to access the open Main Avenue bridge crossing for both directions at 2nd Street South intersection. The posted detour route is Northern Pacific (NP) Avenue between 8th Street and 2nd Street South, with 1st Avenue North bridge open as a river crossing.

Over the next weeks, crews are working to complete: 

• Storm sewer connections in roundabout except where traffic is being carried 

• Sidewalk and driveway reconstruction 

• Place structural soil, drain tile and tree pits

• Install light base, permanent signal bases and set temporary signal poles

The week of August 12, weather permitting, the Main Avenue Veteran’s Memorial bridge will fully close to traffic for roundabout work. The construction of the two-lane roundabout at 2nd Street South and Main Avenue intersection will be complete in October. By the end of August into early September, additional access between Broadway and 4th Street South will be restored to drivers. 

Drivers are encouraged to add extra time to travel through downtown Fargo and try different routes based on your time of travel through the area.


When traffic control is in place, drivers and pedestrians can expect: 

• OPEN: Main Avenue and 4th Street South intersection to north – south traffic 

• OPEN: Gateway Center driveways remain off 4th Street South 

• OPEN: Local access to north side parking lots between Broadway and 4th Street South via temporary driveway at the northeast corner of Broadway intersection 

• OPEN: Business access between Broadway and 4th Street South through driveways off 1st Avenue South

• LOCAL ACCESS OPEN: Main Avenue between 4th Street South to Gateway Center west driveway

• CLOSED ROAD: Main Avenue fully closed between Broadway to 4th Street South intersections

The NDDOT and City of Fargo urge motorists to not stop on railroad tracks and allow space between the vehicle ahead of you when congestion exists near railroad crossing on 8th Street South. 

The phases were designed to not allow Broadway and 4th Street South intersections to be closed at the same time. Work can begin on the roadway removals and underground at roundabout at 2nd Street South and Main Avenue bridge ahead of Broadway to 4th Street South roadway and intersection opening.


Next biweekly public information meeting will be 11:30 a.m. to Noon, Thursday, August 15 at the Depot (701 Main Avenue, Fargo).