July 2019 Salute to Law Enforcement: Detective Josh Loos


Detective Josh Loos has been with the Fargo Police Department since 2006, and has been in the Investigations Division since 2011. In his time at the Department, Josh has displayed a keen knack for being a police officer, and he’s been able to apply that savvy to his role of detective. Josh has shown a real talent for investigating crimes and interviewing suspects, and he genuinely cares about helping people. His extensive skill and experience has resulted in several successful case closures and prosecutions, and his contribution to the Investigative Division has been invaluable. Over the years, Josh has been involved in many high profile cases. Most recently, Josh was the lead detective for the Jay Halvorson homicide case, and for the fatal DUI crash from last May which took the life of seven-year-old Jason Devine. Both of these cases were difficult and complex, but Josh handled them with great care and professionalism. Josh has also handled many more lesser-known cases, and regardless of the case at hand, Josh always applies all of his skill and tenacity to his investigations. There have been countless times where Josh has solved a case that appeared unsolvable, which is a testament to his ability. While Josh is just one in a team of detectives, his competence strengthens the team’s abilities and reflects well on the department.