Cass County Sheriff’s Office Warns of Scam

(Cass County, ND) -- It's a scam they can't do much about, but hope the public can.

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office says an individual is attempting to cash checks that appear to come from the Cass County Jail and mirrors the current layout of the standard check that is issued to individuals upon their release. 

The check is “signed” by Sheriff Jesse Jahner, and is concerning because the check appears to come from a legitimate government agency and is signed by a legitimate source from Cass County Government. 

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office is working closely with the Fargo Police Department to sort out the issue. 

"We encourage any institution where an individual attempts to cash a check to contact the Cass County Jail at (701) 271-2918. Jail staff will be able to verify the legitimacy of the check through a quick records search and ensure the check was issued by our office," said Jahner. 

He adds that if you can find out more information about the person using the check, do so. But, make sure to get the information safely. 

Jahner adds that if you do catch someone with a check and it turns out faulty, to contact The Fargo Police Department as soon as possible at (701) 235-4493.