Fargo Police Arrest Man Who Confronted Officer; Carried Out Hours Long Standoff

(Fargo, ND) -- A scary scene for Fargo residents to wake up to early Saturday morning.

It all started a little before 4am when an officer was being followed closely by another car. When the officer pulled off into a parking lot near the 1300 block of Paige Drive to see if the person needed assistance, the suspect, a 29-year-old Horace man, got out of his car and attempted to keep the officer trapped inside his cruiser.

After a brief confrontation, the suspect then told an officer he was headed back to his car to get a gun. The suspect then instead got inside the car and fled. 

After a brief chase, the suspect pulled into a driveway behind a garage near the 2700 block of Villa Drive, and continued to ignore verbal demands from authorities.

Shortly after parking the car, Police heard a gunshot come out from the vehicle, followed by the suspect then barricading himself inside by covering all the windows with cardboard that was already inside the car. That's when the Red River Swat team was notified and arrived on scene, and a perimeter was set up in case the suspect tried to flee again. 

Many residents in the area were alarmed due to the police presence during the standoff, which Chief Dave Zibolski said was necessary to make sure the man did not try to run and endanger more people.

Eventually, after nearly four hours, the suspect was found inside the trunk of the car and was peacefully taken into custody. Noone was hurt at the scene, though Fargo PD and other authorities remained on scene hours after the incident after a suspicious device was found inside the vehicle. 

The suspect was taken to an area hospital to be evaluated, and will be booked and charged shortly after.