West Fargo Schools Warn of Social Security Scam

(West Fargo, ND) -- A phone scam requesting social security numbers is circulating through the West Fargo Public Schools community.

The call is known to come through on caller identification as being West Fargo Public Schools and has even spoofed a phone number similar to those within the school district.

In one known circumstance, the call came through as +1 (701) 499-1260 and was labeled as West Fargo Public Schools. Upon answering the call, the recipient was greeted by an automated voice, which stated “Please hold, we are in need of additional information…we are in need of your social security number.”

"The voice requested that she hold for a tranferring, and then the woman hung up and notified us at the school district," said Stephanie Hansen, the district's Public Relations Specialist. Hansen added that West Fargo Public Schools will never request the social security number of a student, parent/guardian, or community member over the phone.

If you are a community member who has received this phone call and provided your social security number, you're asked to notify the West Fargo Police Department at (701) 433-5500.