New Sanford Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Facility Set to Open it's Doors in Fargo June 14th

(Fargo, ND) -- Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is getting an updated home for Sanford Health in the Fargo area.

Beginning Monday, June 14th, the new facility will open at 1720 South University Drive.

The facility, which is a result of a $30 million remodeling project at what had been known as Sanford Health's South University Medical Center, will be the only stand-alone orthopedics and sports medicine hospital and clinic in the

The new location houses the full scope of orthopedic care, including foot and ankle care, bone health, brain injury care, rehabilitation, surgery, orthobiologics, athletic training, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, hand therapy and more.

"Our ultimate goal is to provide a better patient experience. We’ll be able to do that with all these teams under one roof," said the Sanford media team in a release to WDAY Radio. "This will be efficient for patients and staff, with surgery, therapy, clinics and hospital in the same building compared to traveling to multiple locations."

The 5-year, multi-phase remodel and architectural facelift included a new east-facing front entrance on 11th Street South that incorporates the “Sanford look,” which is a blend of architectural styles involving Collegiate Gothic. The parking
space has also doubled.