(Fargo, ND) -- Fargo Police took a man into custody after it was found he broke into several cars Monday morning.

Officers received an original report of a possible car prowler, in the 3200 block of 17 Ave. S,. The complainant stated their car alarm was going off but was unable to provide any information about a possible suspect.

Authorities then responded to the area and searched for suspicious activity. A little less than an hour later, a supervisor was checking garages in the area and located 35-year-old Kenneth Parker, of Casselton, rummaging around in a garage that was not his. Officers were able to determine Parker had also unlawfully entered at least two motor vehicles. Parker was arrested for two counts of Unlawful Entry into a Motor Vehicle and one count of Burglary.

"The Fargo Police Department appreciates citizens who report suspicious activity such as this," said Fargo Police Public Information Officer Jessica Schindeldecker via a statement made to WDAY Radio. "It allows officers to respond to the area with the hope of catching persons in the act of committing crime and preventing them from victimizing others in our community."