(Fargo, ND) -- Sanford continues to see an increase in COVID capacity, but help is reportedly on the way.

The healthcare provider announced Tuesday that not only have they hired close to 170 nurses to help with stress levels and overworking in their hospitals, but another 100 international nurses are set to come to the company at the start of 2022.

"Even with more help, we still encourage everyone in our area to get the COVID-19 vaccine," said Sanford Fargo Vice President of Operations Brittany Sachdeva. "We also recommend wearing face coverings, regardless of if your vaccinated or not in crowded indoor settings."

Sanford did report that as of Tuesday morning, 38 people are hospitalized in Fargo, with 10 in the ICU and on ventilators. They add around 25 people are also still recovering or in isolation. 

As far as the November 1st deadline for staff to get vaccinated, Sanford is confident the new workers brought in can handle the numbers of those lost due to not getting the vaccine. "As of this morning, we're at about 90% of our area employees who have gotten vaccinated," said Sachdeva. "The amount of people we would lose due to getting COVID-19 would have been greater if we didn't mandate the shots. We think with the extra help coming in, we won't take to much of a hit."

The hospital, along with Essentia Health and Fargo Cass Public Health, also continues to offer the booster shot to those who fall under the qualifications.