(Fargo,ND)-- The local Indigeous Association is hosting a discussion tonight at Fargo City Hall in regards to American Indian Boarding Schools and the Doctrine of Discovery. 

From the Associations Facebook page- 

"Territorialism, capital gain, and dominance leading to the U.S. Government’s American Indian Boarding School initiatives have roots that long pre-date Columbus. Religious policy that materially benefits one group of people but diminishes others have left a track record of destruction for American Indians while continuing to serve as a placeholder that marks where we are as a nation. Join panelists Joseph McNeil, Karen Van Fossan, and Hollie Mackey for a discussion about how federal policy and religious doctrine have served to advance religion as an expression of free market capitalism at the expense of Indigenous communities in the United States. 

Livestream will be available, link to come soon! To make this happen we are moving the event from the Library just across the parking lot to the City Hall/Commission Chambers"

They have posted two links on their facebook page  for anyone that would like to view the discussion virtually. The event begins at 6:30 p.m. tonight.