Cass County Jail Experiencing High Number of Inmates

(Fargo, ND) -- The Cass County Jail is reporting inmate numbers that are slightly concerning to administrators.

Captain Andrew Frobig, who is the Jail Administrator, told WDAY Radio's Bonnie and Friends Monday that the jail can hold up to around 348 inmates, and that as of Monday he expected around 300 to be locked up. "We consider the jail at 'full capacity' when we hit 85%," said Frobig. At their current numbers, the jail capacity is at roughly 86%.

While the Cass County Jail can transport inmates to jails within the state of North Dakota, they cannot do so with the Clay County Jail, since state law prohibits the act across state lines when it comes to adult prisoners.

However, the one area where the Clay County Jail has helped is in juvenile detention. All Cass County juvenile arrestees go to Clay County in their program, which is tailored to those under 18. 

In the meantime though, as far as the adult population is concerned, it's unclear what other measures would have to take place to keep capacity rates down as more and more people find themselves under arrest.