Sanford Fargo Changes Visitor Policy for Medical Centers

(Fargo, ND)-- On Tuesday, Oct. 19, Sanford Health will change the visitor policy for its three medical centers in Fargo. Officials say the changes are being made to help reduce the number of visitors and manage the screening of visitors. Below are a list of the updated visitor guidelines.

  • All patients will be allowed two visitors per day. Visitors cannot rotate. Only the same two visitors can be there on a given day. 
  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, you cannot visit at this time.
  • If you develop COVID-19 symptoms while visiting, you must leave immediately.
  • Any visitors who disclose they are positive for COVID-19 and still in the quarantine requirement timeframe will not be able to visit.
  • All visitors need to wear face masks while in a patient's room and anywhere in the medical center.
  • All visitors must wear a visitor badge.
  • Sanford Fargo is also extending these same privileges to those visiting patients with COVID-19, with the additional requirements:
  • Any visitors who disclose they are not vaccinated will be asked to quarantine for 14 days once they leave the patient's room.
  • Visitors need to limit their visit to the patient room or care area only.
  • Visitors cannot visit any other patients.
  • Visitors cannot sit in the lobby, dining areas or waiting rooms.
  • Guest services staff will give visitors going to visit a patient positive with COVID-19 a handout on the safety protocols. 

Sanford officials have not announced when these new restrictions will be lifted.