City of Crookston conducting safety study for Highway 2 corridor

Image by: City of Crookston
Image by: City of Crookston

(Crookston, MN) -- The City of Crookston, Minnesota has launched a study focused on traffic safety in the Highway 2 Corridor. The study, which has been in the works for several months, is being conducted with the support of the Minnesota Department of Transportation and SRS Consulting. The primary goal of the study is to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians, to manage access, and improve the movement of freight through the city, according to Crookston City Administrator Amy Finch.

“We do have a higher rate of accidents on some of our intersections here in our corridor.  As far as the flow I believe it was stated we are at 33 percent capacity in our existing traffic volume.  So that is based on very preliminary data that will continue to be developed as we move through this study,” said Finch.

The study includes opportunities for citizen input and involvement, including an online survey and a virtual Wikimap, where comments can be posted. 

The study, which will end by summer 2022, will aim to provide 3 possible action plans for the city council to consider for possible adoption.