City of West Fargo launches online community perception survey

Photo by: City of West Fargo - Facebook
Photo by: City of West Fargo - Facebook

(West Fargo, ND) -- The City of West Fargo is moving into the next stage of the community branding study by launching an online community perception study.

Members of the community who complete the survey by 8 p.m. Friday, November 26th can enter a drawing for a $25 gift card to a West Fargo business.

The survey consists of questions focused on discovering how the community sees itself. The survey measures recommendations of West Fargo as a place to live, do business, and visit. It also measures adjectives that best describe West Fargo and residents’ quality of life.

"The survey is an important part of the research phase of the community branding study," said City Communications Director Melissa Richard in a statement released to WDAY Radio. "During this phase, Chandlerthinks will also study the community's online presence through social media, reviews, and search results."

The results of the research phase will be available to the public in January. The City's branding consultant, Chandlerthinks, designed the survey after conducting a site visit in October that included tours, interviews, and focus groups.

Community members can continue to provide input on the study by joining the Branding West Fargo Facebook group and responding to questions that are posed to the group. You can find a link the survey by clicking here.