Fargo's Downtown Community Partnership to change protocols following Waukesha tragedy

(Fargo, ND) -- Officials within the Downtown Community Partnership (DCP) signaling that changes are on the way following the incident at Waukesha earlier this week.

Cindy Graffeo, the Executive Director of Fargo's Downtown Community Partnership, says the DCP currently works closely with Fargo Fire and both Fargo and Moorhead Police departments for every event that happens in downtown Fargo. Graffeo says the incident will provoke small changes to future events.

The changes include...

- Additional consultation with private security agencies and both F-M Police Departments

- Changing where citizens can stand on the bridge between Moorhead and Fargo. People can only be on the sidewalks, not the roadways as per usual.

Graffeo also wanted to remind Fargo residents that many procedures are already in place to reduce the possibility of events similar to what happened in Waukesha. She specifically cites that any event needs to file emergency response plans in case of these events. She also adds that downtown Fargo often has heavy traffic blockers, like dump trucks, at specific intersections to help stop runaway vehicles.