Multi-vehicle crash ties up traffic on I-94 in Fargo

Photo:  ND Highway Patrol
Photo: ND Highway Patrol

FARGO -- A multi-vehicle crash on I-94 in Fargo backed up traffic for about an hour and a half Tues. night.  It happened near mile marker 351 around 6pm.  No one was hurt.

The State Patrol says one vehicle changed lanes, causing another to swerve.  That vehicle lost control and went across three lanes of traffic causing other vehicles to brake and lose control.  In all, seven vehicles were damaged from side-swiping other vehicles and rear-ending others. Two vehicles struck the concrete traffic barrier with disabled vehicles came to rest in multiple lanes of traffic. 

The Highway Patrol reminds you to drive safe. Make sure you obey speed limits and drive for conditions, reducing your speed when necessary.  Don’t forget to turn on headlights when it’s snowing, even during the day.