Six residents displaced by Fargo apartment fire

Photo: Fargo Fire Department FB
Photo: Fargo Fire Department FB

Fargo --  Fargo Firefighters responded to an apartment fire on Christmas day.  The fire at 3411 Fiechtner Dr S. broke out just after 8pm. The caller initially reported a stove fire in his apartment.

When crews arrived, they saw smoke and fire coming from the door of the first floor apartment. The resident was outside and indicated nobody else was in the apartment. Crews were able to knock down the fire through the opened apartment door.  Other firefighters searched the rest of the building and evacuated any residents still inside. There was heavy fire damage to the entire apartment and smoke damage throughout the building.  The fire originated in the kitchen but the cause is under investigation.

No one was hurt but 6 residents were displaced until the gas and electrical services can be restored. 

The Fargo Fire Department would like to remind everyone to call 911 at the first sign of any fire because rapid notification is important for getting the fire department on scene as fast as possible.









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