January 2022 Salute to Law Enforcement: Records Specialist Leighanna Helgoe

Records Specialist Leighanna Helgoe came to the Moorhead Police Department in 2017.
She has gained respect and friendships with employees within the Moorhead Police Department and departments within the City.

She has earned respect and complimentary words from citizens she has helped while assisting them through city auctions, impound releases, phone and counter requests in Records.

Leighanna is an integral part of Records and helping our Department run efficiently and effectively.
Leighanna’s supervisors describe her as always available to assist her peers and the community.

Officer Manager, Sandy Timian says, “She is a dedicated employee, who always goes above and beyond, she treats everyone with respect and kindness.”
She consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to the department, and helping our community.
We thank Leighanna for her dedicated service and compassion to this Department and for her community.

Leighanna is a Moorhead resident, engaged to one of Moorhead’s finest, Officer Joe Secord.
She is one-fourth of quadruplets that hale from Pembina County, North Dakota.

Records Specialist Leighanna Helgoe, we salute you!