New leader for Take Charge Minnesota speaks out against Critical Race Theory

Image by:  Take Charge Minnesota
Image by: Take Charge Minnesota

(Fargo, ND) -- A change in leadership is happening for a Twin Cities-based non-profit working to inspire and encourage members of the African American community.  It's a group that strongly opposes Critical Race Theory.

"We are training our children to believe that they are victims and I think that is the most harmful message in CRT is that you tells kids that you are a victim.  You can't make it, black and brown kids, you can't make it because of white privilege," said Sheila Qualls, who recently took over as Executive Director for Take Charge. 

She replaced her husband Kendall who started the organization in Spring of 2021.  He is now running for Governor of Minnesota.  Sheila Qualls says the organization works to promote the values of faith, family, and free enterprise among African Americans. They're currently focused on sharing their message with young people in the Twin Cities.  The group's purpose published on their web site reads in part, "the idea of America works for everyone regardless of race and station in life".