Minnesota Attorney General suing two companies for alleged faulty Covid-19 testing

Image by: Office of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison
Image by: Office of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison

(St. Paul, Minnesota) -- Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has announced a lawsuit targeting two Illinois companies that collected Covid-19 test samples from Minnesotans but failed to deliver test results or provided results that were false or inaccurate.

"When Minnesotans and people around the country tested with these companies to keep themselves and their families safe they trusted that they would get correct results on time.  They didn't get that.  We're holding companies, these companies accountable," said Ellison.   

Ellison says his office received complaints from people who submitted Covid-19 tests at pop-up sites around the state operated by The Center for Covid Control who report never receiving test results from the company's associated lab, Doctors Clinical Laboratory.  Some people received test results far later than the companies advertised.  Some people received test results without ever participating in tests.  Others report receiving false test results.  

Ellison says The Center for Covid Control continues to operate sites but is now only providing in-home testing kits.