Fargo looking for applicants to city's Native American Commission

Courtesy of: City of Fargo
Courtesy of: City of Fargo

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA – The City of Fargo has one opening on its Native American Commission.

You can apply for the commission for appointment by clicking here

Applications reviews begin on Feb. 9 and applying before that date is encouraged and appreciated.


Name of Board: Native American Commission

Opening(s): One (1) Commissioner

Meeting Logistics: First Thursday of each month at 12 p.m.

Average Time Commitment: One to ten (1-10) hours per month

Commission Responsibilities include:                  

1.          Develops recommendations for City of Fargo participation in Native American projects/programs.

2.          Investigates and records inventory of local Native American cultural assets.

3.          Evaluates existing information on local Native American assets and needs.

4.          Provides oversight to City-funded Native American projects, programs and facilities.


In addition to this opening, residents are encouraged to research and apply for appointment to any of the boards, commissions and committees for consideration in the event of future vacancies.  You can learn more about Fargo's Native American Commission here