Senators Hoeven and Cramer push resolution to nullify Head Start vaccine and mask mandates

(Washginton, D.C.) -- Senator John Hoeven has introduced a resolution to nullify an interim final rule (IFR) from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that requires all Head Start staff and volunteers to be fully vaccinated and wear a mask. If enacted, this resolution would also nullify the IFR’s mandate for all children two years of age and older to wear a mask, including when they are playing outside. Senator Hoeven asserts congress can consider this resolution using expedited procedures under the Congressional Review Act and can pass it by a simple majority vote. 

“Head Start staff and volunteers provide an important service to communities in North Dakota and across the country,” said Hoeven. “These mandates from HHS will worsen the staffing challenges that Head Start providers are already facing in North Dakota. The fact children are forced to wear masks outside on the playground shows how out of touch with reality these regulations are, and our resolution is about pushing back on this federal overreach.”

The legislation is cosponsored by several other republican senators including North Dakota's Kevin Cramer and South Dakota's John Thune.