Majority of Fargo businesses pass alcohol compliance checks

(Fargo, ND)-- 

Alcohol compliance checks were performed in Fargo on February 16. In total, 23 businesses were checked and 17 passed, resulting in a 74% compliance rate.


Several times per year, the Fargo Cass Public Health (FCPH) Substance Abuse Prevention Program partners with local law enforcement agencies to carry out alcohol compliance checks in Fargo, West Fargo, and Cass County. The intent of the checks is to ensure alcohol retailers are not selling any alcohol to minors. FCPH appreciates the cooperation of the business communities in Fargo.  Licensed alcohol retailers are encouraged to periodically review City Ordinances and state laws related to sale of alcohol and to include this important information in training for new employees.


Fargo business that failed:


· Crave – 3902 13th Ave. S. - first fail in one year

· Delta Hotel - 1635 42nd St. S. - first fail in one year

· Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop - 4001 53rd Ave. S. - first fail in one year

· Izumi - 5050 13th Ave. S.  - first fail in one year

· Longhorn Steakhouse - 4410 13th Ave. S.  - first fail in one year

· Plaza Azteca - 5505 28th Ave. S.  - first fail in one year


Penalties noted below for Fargo reference ‘Server Training’, an alcohol misuse prevention class for servers that teaches safe serving techniques and best practices to avoid over-serving. City Ordinances in Fargo require the class.


Penalties for first, second and third offenses are noted below. Additional penalties can be viewed by visiting the Fargo Municipal Code.


· First offense - $500 penalty. This penalty may be waived if the person serving the alcoholic beverages, as well as the management, have current server training certificates. Server Training will be required within 30 days for any employee or member of management not current with Server Training. There will be no license sanction on a first offense.

· Second offense - $750 penalty. No license sanction penalty.

· Third offense - $1,000 penalty - for Class "AB", "A" and "B" license holders, one-day suspension of license (liquor sales only) with the date selected by licensee within 30 days of either occurrence of the offense or final decision upon appeal. For all other classes of liquor licenses, two days suspension of liquor sales only.