Local health expert shares optimism regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

Courtesy of: Sanford Health
Courtesy of: Sanford Health

(Fargo, ND) -- The COVID-19 pandemic isn't behind us, but things are beginning to look better within hospital settings.

This is according to Sanford Health Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Avish Nagpal, who says hospitalizations from COVID-19 have dropped rapidly from previous months. "The total number of active cases in the state and in the county is at an all time low since August of last year. Even our hospitalizations have fallen significantly - we have about 20 patients in the COVID unit right now."

Dr. Nagpal adds the virus will likely not disappear entirely, saying we will have to treat it like other respiratory viruses that have effective treatments and vaccines.

He also was confident in their ability to handle future mutations of the virus, "I think there will be a variant that will come, hopefully it will not lead to much serious disease. If it does, I think we have multiple tools to treat this and make this an out-patient disease now."

You can find information regarding current case numbers within North Dakota by clicking here