Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Kendall Qualls: George Floyd scholarship "not the message to send"

Image by: Facebook/Kendall for Governor
Image by: Facebook/Kendall for Governor

(Minneapolis, MN) -- Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Kendall Qualls is speaking out against the University of Minnesota naming a scholarship fund after George Floyd. 

"With 50 percent of the kids in Minneapolis, black kids in Minneapolis graduating high school, and 80 percent of them being born without fathers in the home, this is not the message to send.  It should be one of high achievement," said Qualls. 

Qualls opinion piece on the matter was recently published by "The Federalist". He says naming a scholarship after Floyd "undermines the work of the civil rights movement" and "undermines what we communicate to black children across the country". Qualls suggests other African Americans should have their names on the scholarship fund including Condoleeza Rice, Michelle Obama and Dr. Ben Carson. 

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Friday, February 25, 2022