Cass County Sheriffs Office warns of online cat scam

Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff
Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff

(Cass County, ND) -- The Cass County Sheriff’s Office wishes to inform the public of an online scam selling different cat breeds.

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office has received reports from victims in Washington State, Michigan, New York, and Florida, that have all purchased cats from breeders claiming to operate in Leonard.

A local veterinarian’s office also received a phone call from a person looking to purchase a cat from a breeder claiming to be from Leonard, ND. The prices of the cats have ranged from $550.00 to $2,500.00. The City of Leonard and Cass County Sheriff’s Office are unaware of any persons breeding cats in or around Leonard.

The cat breeders in question are:

  1. Pure Maine Coon Cattery / Breed: Maine Coon Cat / Website:
  2. Fold Kitti / Breed: Scottish Fold Cat and Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat / Website:
  3. Munchkin Cat Cattery / Breed: Munchkin Cats / Website: No longer available
  4. Danfo Kittens / Breed: Unknown / Website: No longer available

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the public to only make online purchases from verified vendors.